Where to Find: Breakfast Tacos in Seattle

One of my favorite things about Austin is the breakfast tacos: Tacodeli, Taco Cabana, Juan in a Million… I could go on. When I first moved to Seattle, I woke up every Saturday with a craving for breakfast tacos. After some investigation I found a few good options. Here’s a map with options, as well as my reviews.

Check out my map of breakfast tacos in central Seattle: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=zyd3hcVUItuU.koFqfDfd7W-M

Best Breakfast Taco in Seattle: Veggie Tacos with Brisket, Cafe Pettirosso

Cafe Pettirosso is a tiny French cafe on Pike/Pine. It’s not exactly the place you’d expect to find Seattle’s Best Breakfast Taco, but that’s kind of the point. Seattle doesn’t have a whole lot of casual Texmex breakfast joints. What makes this place special is that I never found a place like this in Austin. Pettirosso only has veggie tacos on the menu, but add some brisket and bam: Austin seems a little closer.

Best Casual Breakfast: Breakfast Taco Plate, Blue Water Taco Grill

I prefer small, casual breakfast joints for my tacos. It doesn’t matter if they’re a chain or a local business, I just want the taco to speak for itself. Blue Water Taco Grill is the best place for this in Seattle. No fancy ingredients or ambiance. Just the tacos, the way God intended.

Best Texmex Breakfast, sans tacos: Senor Moose

Senor Moose reminds me of little texmex cafes from home. They have a good selection of enchiladas, tostadas, and chilaquiles. I recommend the enchiladas rojas en salsa de chile guajillo (salsa and beef enchiladas). If this place had breakfast tacos it would be perfect. Get here early; this place packs up at brunch.


One thought on “Where to Find: Breakfast Tacos in Seattle

  1. Has me craving breakfast tacos 🙂 ironically, breakfast tacos, are not a thing in Mexico. Definitely a tex-mex kind of thing. Here they have more meat packed tacos for breakfast which are also tasty.


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